You’re smile greets me every morning
You’re a soft subtle breeze
You’re everything I ever wanted
You brought me to one knee


Girl I know our souls are one
And our love is meant to be
So just remember this baby
You’re all I’ll ever need

You’re the lover I've always needed
You’re touch amazes me
You’re my preacher and my teacher
You taught me to believe

Girl I know that times can get tough
And hard for you and me
So just remember this baby
You’re all I’ll Ever need

Raised Bridge:
And our love is more than words
you’re more than I deserve
cause you’re faithful and devoted
You’re the only one for me
Guitar Solo

Slowdown Verse:
You say the words back slowly
I put the ring on your hand
You’re eyes fill with tears now
I say i’ll always be your man

Chorus out
It’s life that let’s us breathe
But your kiss makes it complete
just remember this baby
You make me see
You’re all i’ll ever need

You’re all I’ll ever need